ELEMENTary buss stop: product development of cross laminated timber manufacturing residue

Project executor: Algoritmic timber architecture research group
Partner: Peetri Puit OÜ
Period: 28.02.2020 – 1.02.2021
EAS support for the project: 4000 eur
In an increasingly digital world, a mere list of materials is not enough - in addition to materials and construction methods, the principles of building construction are increasingly influenced by digital tools and environmental sustainability. We created a modular wooden architecture solution developed in cooperation with engineers, wooden house manufacturers and architects, and introduced the ideas and methods behind it.

The buss stop design completed during the research is produced from cross-laminated timber (CLT) leftovers from the Arcwood factory, i.e. windows and doors that are cut out of CLT walls.

Problem formulation
When cutting out wall panels from plywood, there are often leftovers, such as window and door openings. This residual material allows the wood to be seen as massive but small building blocks.
Possible solutions
After mapping the situation and problems - the search for analogues and their analysis, we came to propose possible theoretical solutions, i.e. how to create a new panel from production residues.
As part of the project, we developed standard elements that can be cut out of the most common production waste and created design solutions resulting from these elements in the form of small architectural forms.